Friday, June 3, 2011

WBT Intern

I am so very excited to be able to introduce myself as a new WBT intern.  I welcome the opportunity to become part of the WBT program and family as a potential trainer to fellow teachers on the path toward greater student involvement, deeper level of learning and providing a fun and warm classroom environment.

I have been a classroom teacher for twelve years and my primary responsibility for the past seven has been teaching social studies to students in fifth through eighth grade.  I love teaching and working with children, however classroom management was a weakness for me.  I had read books, discussed the problem with my peers and attended professional development classes.  Nothing seemed to work for me.

Two years ago I was introduced to Whole Brain Teaching by a fellow staff member who shared with me the very tip of the iceberg of what WBT is.  I began to use "Class-Yes" immediately and was amazed at the response from my students. My interest was piqued and I began to research more fully WBT. 

During the past two years I have utilized the strategies of WBT in my classroom and have found my students to be more cooperative, eager to learn in a fun and interactive atmosphere and actually more encouraging to each other.  I now go home each day more relaxed, energized and confident!

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